Photo capture

Take pictures during your inspection directly with your mobile device. The photos will be automatically added to the inspection report.

Photo annotations

No more stickers stuck to walls, counters and floors! Annotate your photos freely by circling scratches, adding an arrow to move an electrical outlet or drawing areas to be corrected.


No more need to take the time to write long comments! Use the Speech-to-Text feature on your Android or Apple device to quickly write comments.

Built-in signatures

No need to print copies of reports to get signatures. Built-in digital signatures allow you to instantly get the signatures of inspectors and clients on your mobile device. The signatures will be integrated directly into the inspection report.

Request for access

Send a home access request quickly to your customers. They receive a form by email and the responses are added to the communication history.

Subcontractor portal

Your subcontractors can provide feedback on a service call. They will be able to add comments, set a completion date, send purchase orders and indicate that the problem has been corrected.

Inspection by zone

Choose from our many predefined inspection lists for your various inspections. If needed, quickly configure your inspection lists using our drag and drop configurator.

Criticality level

We are not here to impose a way of doing things on you! Define your own criticality level grid to gain ultimate control over your processes.

Service call

No more numerous versions of Excel files sent by e-mail. Your patch work lists are now centralized, accessible by all and updated in real time.

Records and contact information

Store and edit your customer and supplier data in one place. Users of your portal have access to information on the web or on a mobile device.

Integrated communications

All communications with customers, with your subcontractors and internal communications are recorded in each service call. The exchange history allows you to maintain control over the resolution of your service calls.


The most frequent problems are now quickly visible. Statistics on the most frequent types of problems in your different projects. You will be able to evaluate the performance of your projects and subcontractors.

Automated report

Inspection reports are generated as soon as the inspection is completed. Your customer service team and your construction team can collaborate quickly to resolve service calls.

Archives and history

Inspection report, sales documents, communications history; everything is kept so you can get answers to your future questions!

Import / Export

Our import tool allows you to integrate your current data such as location, customer and supplier information while our export tool allows you to export the data contained in Track and Fix.

Off-line mode

The mobile application allows you to do inspections without a cellular network or wifi. This will allow you to conduct inspections in no-signal locations such as indoor parking lots or mechanical rooms, or use the inspection tool in remote areas.

Satisfaction survey

When a subcontractor tells you that the work has been completed, you can send a satisfaction form to the customer to find out if they are satisfied with the work. This will protect and equip you against future recourse or litigation. The form sent is automatically recorded in the communication history.


The web platform and the mobile application are fully bilingual. Default lists, templates and emails are available in English and French.